Salesforce Integration

Track new community members, event attendance, and more in Salesforce.

What Heartbeat's Salesforce Integration Does

What we pull

  • Events (HB users & zoom attendees with a matching email even if they're not an HB user)
  • Match-ups (Email & Call) - only known match-ups or self-reports
  • Voice calls - only counted if there's at least 2 people

Installation Steps

  1. Go /integrations
  2. click on "connect with SFDC"
  3. Login (you may already be logged in)

FAQs & Troubleshooting

Which contacts does Heartbeat sync

We match based on email

Does HB override any SFDC info


What data is stored

Everything you'd expect — start/end time, name of event, attendees, time in event (stored in minutes under the DURATION field in the EVENT object).

How often is information synced

At the top of every hour

What if I have 2 contacts with the same email?

maybe remove this

Do you create new contacts

No, but we're exploring this

How is the data stored

Voice calls, emails are stored as EVENTS and emails are stored as TASKS

Does Heartbeat read any data from SFDC

No, we only search based on Heartbeat emails to map to a Salesforce contact, but no SFDC info is read or stored for any Heartbeat-SFDC actions.